The 10 Most Popular Synchblog Posts of 2016


December 19, 2016




As 2017 approaches, we count down our top 10 most read blog articles of 2016.

2016 has been a fantastic year for Synchblog. We launched our Projecting Trends series, written by digital strategist Bas Grasmayer, which looks at the impact of technology on the music industry each fortnight. We also welcomed several other guest writers, and interviewed many more top music and sync professionals.  

Our readership has grown hugely over the past 12 months, so thanks for tuning in and don't forget to support the blog by subscribing via email here. Without further ado, here are the articles you most enjoyed in 2016:

10) Projecting Trends: How Piracy Changed Music Discovery & Licensed Services Pushed It Forward

As part of our popular new Projecting Trends series, digital strategist Bas Grasmayer takes a look into the history of online music discovery, and what the present tells us about the future.



9) The Law of Sync: An Audiovisual Slideshow

Earlier this year solicitor Ian Penman took us through the legal fundamentals of sync licensing during our free webinar. Check out this post full of essential information on the legalities of sync, including downloadable PowerPoint slides. 



8) Projecting Trends: What These 4 Music Startups Reveal About the Future of Music

Bas Grasmayer looks at four new-generation startups gearing up to define a new status quo in the music business: Dot Blockchain, Audiokite, Stagelink, and Resonate.



7) Reimagining the Album Release in an Era of Atomic Consumption

Music-tech writer Cherie Hu presents four methods that the music industry can adopt to reimagine and revamp its own marketing by leveraging the rise of atomic consumption.



6) Q&A with Big Sync - Unilever’s Forward Thinking Music Agency

Big Sync Music co-founder Andrew Stafford chats to us about the companies' inception, working with Unilever's brands, and launching a rap artist with Pot Noodle.



5) The 10 Music Industry Newsletters You Should Subscribe To (Part 2)

Looking to bulk up your inbox with a daily dose of tips, tricks and news? Due to the popularity of our original list, we thought we'd bring you 10 more interesting music industry newsletters to subscribe to. 



4) 7 Useful Music Industry Job Finding Resources

Looking for a new job in the music business? We run through 7 of the most useful online resources for finding music industry job opportunities.



3) How Context Awareness Is The Next Frontier In The Music Industry

Music-tech writer Cherie Hu takes a look at how context awareness can transform the creative process, and generate new revenue streams and business models for the music industry as a whole.



2) 4 Music Sampling Best Practices From WhoSampled's Chris Read

WhoSampled's Chris Read takes us through the technical, creative, and legal best practices of music sampling, as well as tips to monetize music for sampling.



1) Key Worldwide Music Industry & Sync Events List 2016/2017

Sorting your diary for 2017? We've put together the most comprehensive list out there of key music industry and sync conferences/events worldwide. Bookmark it now.



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